Emerging artist, Lorelle Howard, is a quiet storm. Spending years singing across multiple genres, she has evolved into a unique artist. Growing up in a household filled with sounds from Miles Davis, to Joni Mitchell to Smokey Robinson, Lorelle developed an eclectic ear. Her introduction into the arts was easy; her father being a fine artist and mother a singer and musician. After moving to New York from Chicago at the age of 7, she began performing regularly, in and after school, where she continued to develop her talent.

Finding it easier to express her thoughts by writing, she dove into storytelling through her music. She studied Drama Studies at SUNY Purchase (Stanley Tucci, Amanda Seales) and after graduating continued to pursue acting and music, but began to feel an absence within her sound. Dissuaded, she moved to Montreal, QC where she took a hiatus from music.

One day, almost a year later, with a melody stuck in her head, she picked up her guitar, which had been collecting dust, and began filming herself singing original tunes. From here, she wrote what would become her first single, Shadows.

The planets aligned and Lorelle reconnected with multi-platinum French producer, Blastar (Pusha T, Tyga, Dinos) in 2017 and they began working on a 3 part independent project.  She spent the last quarter of 2018 in Paris finishing up the first segment, SE7EN PHASES: Moonscape, which was released early February.  The project is a creative work, which follows an exploration across genres and themes that both, Blastar and Lorelle, are inspired by. Lorelle’s favorite number is seven and she is also fascinated with the moon and so there are, naturally, seven tracks per section and the songs spotlight different ‘phases’ in her life.  Experimenting with various sounds and styles, Lorelle’s tone is distinct and mellow and will, more importantly, leave you with a message.

Lorelle’s debut EP is available across all platforms and her latest visual for her single, “Black Sheep” can be found on YouTube. If you happen to be in London, you may catch her singing one of her originals at various open mics.