Lorelle Howard began singing at the age of four. The story goes that while her mother was cleaning their Chicago apartment, she put on a record and Lorelle started to sing along; in tune. Her mother asked her to come over and sing for her and she did, again, on pitch. From this point forward, with her parents’ urging, Lorelle began her journey into the ever-changing world of the performing arts. After a move to NY, she began acting, doing stage plays in Westchester, NY at the age of 7. By the time she was 12, she was dancing and singing, both in school and after school. Lorelle always enjoyed writing, but didn’t write her first full song until the end of high school. While earning her BA in Drama Studies from Purchase College, she began recording music and after college started singing at multiple open mics around NYC.

At some point she felt the need to find her own sound and true voice. She took some time off to do just that and is finally back and ready to share her work. She blends multiple genres in her music, making her sound versatile and allowing her to work freely as inspiration hits. She is currently working on her first solo LP with French producer Blastar, who produced her original song « Shadows ». She plans to release her LP in late 2017 and her full album in 2018.